Bringing a new mindset to the industry.

When we operated our own businesses before AKYTA, we found existing advisory and operational services lacking. We worked with “partners” who came in, told us what was wrong, and then offered no help to actually resolve our issues. Vendors who could fill seats but left all the strategy up to us. Technology offerings that worked for the vendor but failed to serve the nuanced needs of our business and our customers.

Instead of accepting what was offered to us, we decided to do something about it. AKYTA  was born. We’re here to raise the bar and set a new standard for advisory and operational services—bringing the technology and resources to do it right the first time.


The heartbeat of AKYTA.

Good enough is never good enough at AKYTA. We expect incredible from anyone who wears our name. We also know that to get those results, we have to mentor our team, and create an environment that rewards curiosity and exploration. These are the main tenets that help us ensure results—and perform in a way we can all be proud of.

We stay humble and win together.

It takes balance to win. We have to give our all, while knowing it’s ok to ask for help. We must believe in our abilities, while remaining humble. This means checking our egos at the door, accepting responsibility, and seeking to understand before being understood.

We operate bravely.

On every project, we explore our hunches, we share wild notions, and we do things we’ve never done before—all in the best interest of the client. It’s not the easiest task, but at AKYTA, different is our standard.

We tell it straight.

To put it bluntly: well, we put things bluntly. At AKYTA, we cut through the sales jargon and noise of the industry. Sometimes, that means having tough conversations and bringing uncomfortable truths to light. But we do it all to help our clients win.

We have fun.

We take our work seriously without taking ourselves too seriously. You’ll find us bringing humor and levity into even the toughest challenges. That’s because we think difficult tasks don’t have to define our outlook.

Join the pack.

If you have grit, great ideas, and want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, you just might be the right fit for our team.

We’re always looking for developers, project managers, business analysts, architects, and call center staff. Please send employment inquiries to  jobs@akyta.com or fill out the form.

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