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At AKYTA, everything we do is to help transform the way you interact with your customers across every touchpoint. Whether you need to fill seats in a call center or overhaul a billing system, our holistic view of the customer lifecycle and a full suite of services means you'll have the seasoned experts, trusted operators, and comprehensive technology capabilities to assist you at every step.

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Sure, every business has customers. But the most successful businesses have the right customers. AKYTA experts can help you establish sales channel strategies and ongoing outreach programs, so you can get the best potential customers in the door. And because you never want to start a relationship off on the wrong foot, it’s important to make the sign-up experience positive to help maximize close rates and create a positive, lasting impression. We can help.


“So close, yet so far away.” If you’ve ever had to wait for signed-up customers to become official, onboarded and verified customers—you know the feeling. This step is typically the first impression of how your company works with customers, and we want to help you get it right through TPV (Third-party Verification) and more. Your goal: convert sign-ups to revenue-generating customers. Our goal: provide verification and welcome information that ensures compliance—all while staying friendly and efficient.


Your business can’t run without revenue. That’s why you need accurate and timely billing. When billing works as it should, your business will sing. When it’s off, it can create a snowball effect that rolls down to collection and retention, and ruins the overall customer experience. We can work with you to find the best way to manage all of your billing (even the exceptions!) to help realize revenue.


Customer service counts—big time. It can be the difference between making a customer for life and creating a revolving door of churn. The good news: there are plenty of opportunities to ensure great customer service. From reducing wait times to providing friendly and helpful agents—and even offering self-serve and automation options along the way—we can help you improve the customer experience regardless of call volume or seasonality.


Debt management doesn’t have to be a total loss. There are opportunities to salvage the cost—and even the customer relationship—with a healthy approach toward collections. By segmenting customers, you can optimize credit and collections policies to increase revenue. And by implementing self-serve and automation options, you can make it easier for customers to get the answers they need and make the payments you’re waiting on.


Dependable customers are the key to stability in your business and, let’s face it, they’re less expensive than acquiring new customers. So it only makes sense to keep retention top of mind. With a customized segmentation strategy, you can create a seamless retention program for a variety of customer profiles. It’s just one way we can help keep you and your customers happy over the long haul.

Offering the right balance of advisory and operational services.

Whether you need big-picture strategizing or a single data report, AKYTA's got you covered with our advisory and operational services.

Advisory services

We're experts at uncovering blind spots in your customer lifecycle and creating complete strategies to help you take operations from where they are today to where you want them to be.

Operational services

We offer à la carte services such as billing, collections, and customer care—all implemented with careful attention to your needs, a focus on customer experience, and a measured ROI.

Our process: Approaching unique challenges

You don't need a complicated process when you have smart people, insightful offerings, and flexible technologies on your side. On every management, we'll work with you to assess problems, address issues, and help relieve your stress. Here's an overview of how we do it.


We'll partner with you to understand your current needs and pain points.


We'll deploy people and technology to solve problems and strengthen your operation.


We'll measure our performance and set new and more ambitious goals.


We'll make continuous improvements throughout the engagement.


We'll train and upgrade your teams along the way.

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